Bioplastics, its Lifecycle, and Recycling Systems

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During my Material Technology course at Parsons School of Design(2015), I became interested in bioplastics as a sustainable material. However, is it completely sustainable? Is it really ideal materials for petroleum-free future? My research was started by questioning why bioplastics are emerging, how sustainable materials can affect product lifecycle, and what the real issue of waste is.

This research also led me to think about the existing recycling systems and individual’s environmental responsibility. We have heard to reduce, reuse, recycle many times, and we have tried to change our habits and lifestyles. It is true that it would be great if each of us move forward, on the other hand, current waste problems are not only from individuals’ thoughtless behaviors, but also from system issues. I believe that rethinking waste systems can make bigger impacts.

This short-term research can be a foundation of my thesis and future study.


Below is the 30 minute presentation file of my research.