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M1o is an ergonomic multipurpose chair for office. It proves that even a simple plastic chair can provide an optimal level of comfort by allowing its shell and the frame to move in accordance with the user without the addition of a separate mechanism. 


The M10 allows the shell and frame to move in accordance with the user. When the user leans back, the backrest moves back and the seat naturally slides forward – the synchronized tilt function generally found only in high-end task chairs.  Moulded parts have been systemized for mass production and for minimizing potential production defects. A recycling rate of at least 95 percent (measured by weight) has been achieved, thanks to development procedures that considered the environmental impact of the final product. Furthermore, aluminum was applied in key parts to guarantee structural safety and durability.


The chair allows perfect stacking for efficient shipping and space utilization. Tablet option is also available.




M10_01M10’s basic tilting mechanism was tested by adjusting pivot point at the backrest and the joint between the backrest and seat pan in 1:4 scale model.


The aluminum frame was variously designed with wire and plastic shell. They are for testing stacking and tension.


The real aluminum tension and the level of comfort were tested by 1:1 scale models.