methodology11. Face with a complex issue

Issues that I’ve worked :

Disposable waste in urban environmentsSingle-coffee industry in the US  |  Local economy in Rockaway, NY | Gridlocked city | Non-profit financial counseling organization in NYC  | Food distribution in NYC  |  Urban resiliency in NYC | Learning environments in MalawiClothing life for the blind 


2. Carefully unravel the situations

I do love unraveling complex issues. I approach the issue holistically and identify questions to frame the problems.


3. Find an important but marginalized stakeholder

I’m interested in helping economically, environmentally, and socially marginalized groups of people.  The one could be not only humans but also any creature that is affected and damaged by human activities.


4. Approach the situation in various angles

I try to understand the issues with various perspectives. The perspectives allow to think both systemically and concretely.


5. Try out diverse design methods

I use research tools and design methods to draw a positive future. The methods can be applied to any stage of the design process.


6. Materialize positive scenarios

I materialize and implement the ideas into a real world by technical design skills.