Humor has the power to create a vibrant mood in space. How can the humor be infused in traditional and formal office furniture industry? The Briefcase chair inspired by a briefcase shows the office culture in a humorous way through its shape and performs as a smart furniture as well.





The briefcase chair has a lounge chair for the office area upholstered in leather. Loop armrests support its body.


A rotating tablet is attachable under the armrest.



Other accessories such as a bag shelf or a holder are attachable.



Classic options


and vivid options are available.





Among multiple lounge chair design proposals, the briefcase chair was selected to develop. Early sketches show a variety of frame shape and accessory options.



After drawing the overall dimensions, each part is designed and engineered.



Through several prototypes, the angle of the seat pan and backrest was decided to support a comfortable posture to work on the chair. Armpads and decoration of the backrest were carefully applied from existing leather fabrication technic.


process4The second model includes an electric outlet for power supply.