I participated Extrapolation Factory’s project for the book Extrapolation Factory Operator’s Manual as a visual designer. I drew multiple frameworks and product illustrations.


  1. Framework

The project uses several frameworks including Futures Cone, Lenses, Future Scope, Four Arcs, and Futures Wheel.



They had been developed after multiple idea sketches and iterations.



Page 41. Future Cone: The original Future Cone was developed by Joseph Voros, but this version includes many current “Perspectives” and a “Context” as a lens to look through the future.




Page 45. 4 Arcs Diagram: This diagram represents four models of trajectories of possible future. It is not only describing the moment of present and future as a different shape or size but also illustrating the transforming processes in between present and future.




2. Product Illustration

(These are original images. To discover more products, please visit here.)

Illustration style guide




Page 2-3. Mosquito Bootlegger and Currency Converter



Page 64. Currency Converter exploded view



Page 112-113. Critter Orchestra and Brand New Changus