Rockaway in NY, once great tourist attraction of the early 19th century has battled adversity both of natural and manmade causes. Even before the Hurricane Sandy in 2012, “businesses located in Rockaway had the capacity to meet only about 30% of local demand in food and beverages, forcing residents to shop elsewhere”. Through researching and observing the area of Arverne, we found that lack of local business and motivations were one of the serious problems for the people in the area.

How might we empower the local community? What current opportunities can we scale up? How might we implement the ideas?

Through multiple workshops and design strategy work, my team proposes Rockaway Tied, which seeks create an economic ecosystem by uniting local businesses to support one another and foster new economic growth. A strong local economy does not start with just one business. It requires a network of businesses, new and old, working in collaboration to strengthen each other.


  • Underserved community
  • Local business


  • Field trip
  • Community workshop
  • Interview
  • Prototyping


  • Service design
  • Platform design
  • Visual materials

  • Timeline: Sep. – Dec. 2015
  • My Role: Design strategist, Visualizer, Workshop planner and facilitator
  • Team: Denilyn Arciaga, Mariana Bomtempo, Jack Wilkinson
  • External Partners: Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, Design Trust for Public Space
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