The Blind Tags is a set of clothing clips with braille, which helps the blind autonomously manage their outfit by themselves.


  • Disabled people
  • The blind
  • Clothing life 


  • Research
  • Prototyping
  • Experiments 


  • Product design
  • Service design 

After watching the movie Blind in 2011, my team members wondered how the blind select their outfit every day. In the film, the actress who played a role as a blind person was picking her outfit while spreading her clothes on the floor. The movie itself was very well-made as a thriller movie, but the scene was enough for us to start questioning about the blind’s lives in this century.


A scene from the movie “Blind.”




My team researched the blind’s lifestyle and existing products and services to understand them. We found that many existing products had a lack of aesthetics and economic elements. Therefore, we focused on a desire of humans which is to express their identity by appearance.






Through prototyping, we decided that the tags should be 1) readily detachable from any fabrics, 2) water-resistant material (e.g., aluminum tongs with TPU covers) 3) fashionable as an accessory.

My team researched and tested various materials and shapes for perfect use. Our big challenge was whether it should be hanging or affixing. Eventually, we designed it as clips to allow users to reuse the tags. We also considered not only usability but also maintenance.




The Blind Tags is a set of clothing clips. The package has a description and 80 pieces of clips.



The Blind Tags indicates color, style, washing methods, and favorite marks by braille.