After multiple pilots, Vessel has structured its service enough to introduce to new partners all around the world. For both internal and external use, the team needed a holistic visual map of the service.



The initial purpose of the visual map was to draw out “what we know we need” to expand our service to another cities. Through the initial visualization, the team built the ideas of the visual map that includes the essential elements of the service, different scale of the service, and benefits. And instead of the system-looking map, we wanted to make the map more fun and interactive way.





Based on the team’s needs, I drew a hand-sketch of the visual map. It was challenging for me as a first illustration but I had so much fun with this.



Visual Maps

After several revisions, the visual map contains possible corporations and vendors, people using Vessel mugs in diverse situations. The different type of partners are categorized by color, and the essential elements are iconized. The benefits are shown as green marks.


Not only the city-scale map, but also there are the closed look of corporate and campus environments to describe the possible type of businesses that Vessel want to expand.